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About Us

  38Fule was established in 1992, it was transformed to 38Fule Co.,Ltd in 1999 ,approved by Shaanxi province government. In 2011,38fule international group was set up, located in Van Metropolis,hitech district,Xi an,dealing with industries,such as medical care,financial investment,real estate and so on,with more than 300 employees.The total assets is up to 300 million yuan.
During 23 years development.the main brand 38Fule, gained many titles such as national
famous brand, the most popular products of women, the most competitive female brand´╝îand Shaanxi province famous trademark.The group chairman,Yuan Xiaofeng is granted as Chinese Youth Technology Entrepreneurs,the outstanding expert of Shaanxi province.He occupied social duties as the committee member of the national youth federation,the committee member in Xianyang city of CPPCC , committee member in Qindu District of CPPCC ,the vice- president of Xianyang city Youth Federation.

   Next step, we will follow the strategy plan of healthy industry, adjusting industry structure,to form traditional advantage industry and new strategic industry coordinated development,meanwhile ,38Fule group will enhance team construction continuously,improving   management level and service,promoting healthy development .we are still keeping highly focus on women beauty and reproductive health all over the world.


Products and services

Product specifications:
5 bags(daily use) +2 bags(night use)+2 bags  (one vaginal testing card for free)
Main ingredients:
Non woven fabric, expanded paper, polymer lock water resin, PE film, functional fiber chip
Product features:
1, Scientific selection and reasonable collocation
Scientific selection ,according to most women’s characteristics of menstrual cycle, to protect female entire menstruation.it contains daily and night sanitary napkins and panty liner, removing your worried .
2."Core" technology, physical adjustment
The three types of products contains high tech bamboo charcoal fiber chip and nano ion, it can promote metabolism and positive effect on women’s health through physical regulate function.
Product advantages:
1.Soft cotton surface ,make you skin comfortable.
2.Strong and efficient water lock
High polymer water absorbing resin with instant water absorption .bring you a lasting clean.
3.Using breathable bottom membrane ,farewell to stuffiness
4.Containing refreshing factor ,make you fresh
Unique cool factor, let you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Product application:
Menstrual women and gynecological patients of common people.