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Date: 15th November 2015
Wonderful Male Pad

2 piece / box X10box
Wonderful Male Pad is made by several natural plants essence ,The plant essence, is effect from outside to inside via acupoints ,passes through epidermal tissue,penetrates capsula prostatica, sterilization, clears away heat and dampness, promotes  blood circulation and removes blood stasis, detoxification, promotes tissue repair, thereby eliminates prostatitis, improves sex life quality, keeps energetic. enjoyment wonderful man.
Product features: three breakthroughs,  farewell to prostate glands disease.
1. Breakthrough of  men's genitals health care.
2. Chinese traditional  medicine fumigation
3.Unique components.
Wonderful male pad solved four major problems. " capsula prostatica penetration ", "blood circulation", "gland duct blockage ",  "bacteria breeding "